Germany to put a Syrian refugee on trial for war crimes

A Syrian refugee, whose name was given only as Ibrahim Al F., was arrested by the German police in the Westphalia region, after Germany’s Federal Court of Justice issued a warrant for his arrest.

Court papers show that the 41-year-old was charged with leading an anti-regime militia of about 150 men, which, in fall 2012, gained control of a district in the city of Aleppo in autumn 2012.

The court papers say that he participated in the torture of several people, and orders the torture of others by members of his militia. He is also charged with ordering the looting of other neighborhoods in the city.

DW reports that Al F.’s militia was part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) — in the Ghuraba al-Sham (Foreigners of the Levant) faction – but the charges say that militia members were, in fact, pursuing their own interests.

The accused, for example, has been recorded on several occasions offering looted art for sale.

The militia is also accused with kidnaping civilians and demanding ransom for their release.

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